Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wicker Fan Santa Chrismas Craft

This homemade Christmas decoration works well as a tree trim, or looks good hanging from the wall or door. Wherever you decide to put it, the fun is in the making of this easy Christmas decoration based on our free printable pattern.


wicker fan
craft fun foam
Printed Pattern (or draw your own facial features)
Goggle eyes
White paint
1 white pompom


Copy this Santa face pattern and trace onto appropriate fun foam colors, then cut out.

If you are drawing your own pattern, you will need a red triangle for the hat, a flesh colored circle for the head, a white moustache shape, and an oval white hat brim.

Glue the round head shape onto the lower point of the fan, then glue on the red triangle for the hat. Glue on the white hat brim, overlapping the hat and the head. Finally, glue on the moustache towards the bottom of the face, but leave enough room for Santa's mouth.

With a paper punch, punch out three pink circles of fun foam or felt. Use two of these for Santa's cheeks and one for his nose.

Glue on the googly eyes between each cheek and the nose. Now glue a white pompom to the tip of the hat. Finally, glue a looped piece of string to the back of your homemade Christmas craft to hang it on the tree. Enjoy !

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