Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas Heart Decoration

If you love Christmas, this is the project for you! Make a pretty Christmas heart to hang in your home this holiday. This will definetly add to your Christmas Decor


•Red Craft Foam
•Red Glitter
•Tacky Glue
•Foamie Holly and Berries
•Gold Metallic Cord
•Low Temp Glue Gun


Cut a foamie heart. You can use our heart pattern or make your own. Cover with a thin coat of tacky glue. Sprinkle on red glitter. Tap off extra. Let dry. Glue on foamie hollies and berries. Make a double bow out of gold metallic cord. Hot glue in place. Make a loop out of gold cord for handing. Hot glue in place.


Christine said...

I love this project! Super easy to make too! Did you see SO many great ideas for Christmas.

Happy Holidays!

Safe Online Games said...

That's look very good for couples and lovers. Who have to expose their love to their loved ones...

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