Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fabric Draped Candle


•Large Candle
•1/2 Yard Fabric
•Liquid Starch
•Rubber Band
•Disposable Bowl
•Wax Paper
•Low Temp Glue Gun


Cut a 24" circle of fabric. Pour Linit Liquid Starch into a bowl and submerge fabric in starch until it is saturated.

Squeeze out excess liquid. Smooth fabric face up over wax paper. Center candle on fabric.

Smooth fabric up along the sides of the candle and place a rubber band over the bottom and up about 3" from the bottom. This will secure the fabric to the bottom 3" of the candle. Turn the rest of the fabric down and under, draping it in a pleasing manner. Let dry overnight. Attach a bow and ribbon with glue gun.

Now You can use this as a centre piece of the Christmas table or just gift this to your friends.

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