Saturday, November 24, 2007

Reindeer Art Picture

Based on hand prints and foot prints that are traced, cut and glued in place, this Christmas craft is easy to do with pleasing results.
Reindeer Art

Use Supply List:

• brown construction paper, for the reindeer's face
• yellow or gold construction paper, for the antlers
• white, green or red construction paper, or poster paper, as the base page
• red pom pom or small wad of red tissue paper
• black and white crayons or markers, or google eyes
• school glue or glue sticks

Reindeer Art Instructions:

Distribute the supplies, then follow these easy how-to's:

1. For this Christmas craft . First have the kids trace around their shoe on brown construction paper and cut out the shape.

2. Next, have the kids trace around both their hands, onto yellow or gold construction paper. Cut these shapes out.

3. Glue the shoe shape on another piece of construction or poster paper, for the face of the reindeer. Glue the hands on as antlers.

4. Glue on a red pom pom or a ball of red tissue paper as the reindeer's nose, and either draw on eyes or glue on google eyes.

5. Optional: color in black eyebrows and a nose band.

6. Have the kids write their names on the back of their reindeer art and display on the walls or send home for Mom to display on the fridge.

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