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Christmas crafts

Children must do cristmas crafts.Christmas is the right time to give vent to your creativity and artistic capabilities and encourage kids to do something constructive that they can enjoy too. In this section, we have covered some easy crafts based on Christmas theme. We have been careful enough to include arts and crafts that are inexpensive, use materials that are available in any general store locally and are so good to look at that they attract the attention of your guests instantly. The appreciation in their eyes and compliments will surely be the best part of Christmas this year.

Christmas crafts will also keep your children busy and make them aware of the stories related to the holiday season, which you can tell them while helping them to do the crafts. These ideas also give you an opportunity to spend quality time with your children and time to bond with them. Beautiful Christmas candle arrangements, gift wrap ideas, homemade Christmas ornaments and Rudolph and Snowman can be used as a part of Christmas decors as a motivation to the artist by displaying the crafts and arts in front of the families and friends.
Here are the sme of the Christmas Crafts that children will enjoy Making . Just click the links below and learn these splendid Christmas items

door hanger
christmas heart decoration
candy train
frabic draped candle
recycled CD snowman
lightbulb reindear
Pinecone angel
Reindeer art picture

Christmas Lantern

Hang a beautiful lantern by the window or set it on your table to make a festive holiday decor. Add a glow stick inside to make Christmas Eve an enchanted night.

You need:

Lantern Blanks
Green & Red Tissue Paper
Glue Stick
Glue and Toothpick
Craft Wire


Select a lantern. Carefully punch out all pieces. Place the lantern black side down. Cut pieces of tissue paper and glue in place. You can overlap pieces, do large or small sections, crumple paper first or experiment with your own method. Glue on gold sequins for added embellishment.
Bend lantern at perforations to form shape. Glue tabs in place.

Finished lanterns can be set on the table with a glow stick inside and used as a centerpiece. You can also use craft wire to make a hanger and string them around the room

Now these beautiful Christmas crafts will add new dimensions to the Christmas Decor

Christmas Door Hanger Supply

Christmas Door Hanger Supply your kids with a few basic supplies and watch their creativity take shape with Christmas door hanger decoration.

You Need:

Card Stock Door Hangers
Markers, Paint or Crayons


Draw and color or paint your Christmas message. Embellish by gluing on sequins and glitter.


Christmas Heart Decoration

If you love Christmas, this is the project for you! Make a pretty Christmas heart to hang in your home this holiday. This will definetly add to your Christmas Decor


•Red Craft Foam
•Red Glitter
•Tacky Glue
•Foamie Holly and Berries
•Gold Metallic Cord
•Low Temp Glue Gun


Cut a foamie heart. You can use our heart pattern or make your own. Cover with a thin coat of tacky glue. Sprinkle on red glitter. Tap off extra. Let dry. Glue on foamie hollies and berries. Make a double bow out of gold metallic cord. Hot glue in place. Make a loop out of gold cord for handing. Hot glue in place.

Christmas Craft:Candy Train

Most of the candy shown will be found in bulk packs. They are smaller than the candy you purchase separately. There are plenty of different types of candy combinations that will work well if you can't find the exact type shown.


1 Pack of Cinnamon Gum
1 Roll of Life Savers
1 Mini Peanut Butter Cup
5 Bite-Size Chocolate Bars
16 Mint Candies
3 Small Kit Kats
2 Candy Kisses
6 Tootsie Rolls
1 Pack of Dentyne Gum
Glue Gun


Fold and glue cellophane paper ends of mints to back of candy.
For Engine: Glue 4 mints to pack of gum for wheels. Glue Life Savers to gum and peanut butter cup to Life Savers. Use 3 bite-size chocolate bars to finish.
For Caboose: Glue 4 mints to Kit Kat bar and 2 mini chocolate bars to Kit Kat. Top with a pack of Dentyne.
For Cars: Glue 4 mints to Kit Kat bar and top with candy of your choice.

Your Candy Train is ready . Its next station maybe your friend's house on this X,mas

Fabric Draped Candle


•Large Candle
•1/2 Yard Fabric
•Liquid Starch
•Rubber Band
•Disposable Bowl
•Wax Paper
•Low Temp Glue Gun


Cut a 24" circle of fabric. Pour Linit Liquid Starch into a bowl and submerge fabric in starch until it is saturated.

Squeeze out excess liquid. Smooth fabric face up over wax paper. Center candle on fabric.

Smooth fabric up along the sides of the candle and place a rubber band over the bottom and up about 3" from the bottom. This will secure the fabric to the bottom 3" of the candle. Turn the rest of the fabric down and under, draping it in a pleasing manner. Let dry overnight. Attach a bow and ribbon with glue gun.

Now You can use this as a centre piece of the Christmas table or just gift this to your friends.

Wicker Fan Santa Chrismas Craft

This homemade Christmas decoration works well as a tree trim, or looks good hanging from the wall or door. Wherever you decide to put it, the fun is in the making of this easy Christmas decoration based on our free printable pattern.


wicker fan
craft fun foam
Printed Pattern (or draw your own facial features)
Goggle eyes
White paint
1 white pompom


Copy this Santa face pattern and trace onto appropriate fun foam colors, then cut out.

If you are drawing your own pattern, you will need a red triangle for the hat, a flesh colored circle for the head, a white moustache shape, and an oval white hat brim.

Glue the round head shape onto the lower point of the fan, then glue on the red triangle for the hat. Glue on the white hat brim, overlapping the hat and the head. Finally, glue on the moustache towards the bottom of the face, but leave enough room for Santa's mouth.

With a paper punch, punch out three pink circles of fun foam or felt. Use two of these for Santa's cheeks and one for his nose.

Glue on the googly eyes between each cheek and the nose. Now glue a white pompom to the tip of the hat. Finally, glue a looped piece of string to the back of your homemade Christmas craft to hang it on the tree. Enjoy !

Christmas Craft:Recycled CD Snowman

Lets see how can we turn an old Cd in a Snowman , with just some creativity and innovation


•discarded CD
•juice can lid
•chenille stems - one brown, one red
•two plastic eyes
•small piece of orange craft foam or felt
•three buttons
•white spray paint
•black permanent marker
•small piece of fabric or yarn to use as a scarf
•two small pom poms
•glue gun

Project Instructions:

1. To make this Christmas craft.Spray paint the CD and a juice can lid on both sides in white paint. Let dry.

2. Glue the eyes, and a small triangular piece of craft foam for the nose, to the juice can lid. Make a series of dots with black permanent pen to represent the snowman's mouth.

4. Cut a length of red chenille stem to fit around the top of the juice can lid, extending down a little less than halfway. This is top of the ear muffs. Glue a small pom pom on each end of the chenille stem to finish the ear muffs.

5. Glue the completed snowman head on top of the CD.

6. Tie yarn, cord or a small strip of fabric around the neck as a scarf.

7. Cut a brown chenille stem in quarters. Take two pieces and twist one around the other to form a stick arm, as shown on the photo. Repeat to make the other arm. Glue the arms in place on each shoulder area.

8. Glue three buttons down the front to finish. If desired, add a loop of cord to hang.

Teachers and parents can promote their children to make some creative Cd Snownman. This will increase the kid's intrest in Craft on this Christmas

Lightbulb Reindear

Here is a reindeer made out of a old buld . Use your own imgination and make a santa or angel .....get ready for the kids art attack . This Christmas


Old light bulb
brown acrylic craft paint or model car paint or spray paint
plastic wiggle eyes, or small amounts of black and white paint
approximately five brown chenille stems
small red pompom
optional: glitter glue
craft glue
rubbing alcohol


1. To make this Christmas craft , first Clean the light bulb carefully but thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and let dry.

2. Paint the light bulb entirely in two or three coats of brown paint, letting the paint dry between layers.

3. Glue on plastic wiggle eyes or paint on eyes.

4. Glue the small red pompom just beneath the center of the eyes.

5. Cut a length of chenille stem and form it into a smiley mouth shape. Glue in place beneath the nose.

6. If desired, add a little glitter glue around the nose to give the effect of a nose that lights up.

7. Wrap as many chenille stems as required to completely cover the metal threads on the light bulb. Secure with glue.

8. Cut two chenille stems in half. Use one half as the stem of an antler. Twist the other half around it, near the top, to form two more antler horns sticking out from the stem. Make another antler in the same way. Apply a little glue to the bottom of each stem, and insert both antlers into the chenille stems at the top of the lightbulb

I hope these bulbs will add new light to your house on this Christmas .These Christmas Crafts will all the way decorate your house.

Christmas craft:Woodland Pinecone Angel

Here's the beautiful angel for this Christmas.All kids get started for this christmas craft attack


medium sized pinecone
sheet moss
dried or silk leaves
wooden disk or wooden ball
tacky glue or white glue
flesh colored craft paint
fine tipped black permanent marker
pink marker, crayon, blush makeup or lipstick
small length of gold rickrack, wire edged ribbon or metallic cord
optional - spray sealer, decoupage medium, or spray paint- invisible thread or fish line


1. For this Christmas craft .Choose a pinecone with open petals and a flat bottom that will stand up fairly straight when placed on a table.

2. You can use two dried leaves as the angel's wings, or four leaves, as shown in the photo. If you use four leaves, glue them together in pairs, using small dots of white glue between the leaves. If desired, protect the leaves with a coating of decoupage medium or spray sealer, or decorate with gold spray paint.Glue the leaves in place at the back of the pinecone, near the top where you will be placing the angel's head.

3. Paint the wooden disk or wooden ball in flesh toned paint and let dry. Draw on the facial features in pencil, then trace over the pencil marks in fine tipped black permanent marker. If desired, add pink cheeks using a small dab of pink marker, or a small smudge of pink blush makeup or pink lipstick.

4. Glue small pieces of sheet moss all around the edge of the wooden disk, or all around the face on a wooden ball.

5. Cut a small length of gold rickrack, gold cord or even thin gold wire and form this into a circular halo at the top of the angel's head. Secure with a dab of glue at the back.

6. If necessary, break off a petal or two at the top of the pinecone to make room for the angel's head. Glue the head in place.

7. If you wish to hang the angel from a Christmas tree or in the window, tie a length of invisible thread or fish line to one of the pinecone petals near the head, at the back. Your Christmas craft is ready.

Reindeer Art Picture

Based on hand prints and foot prints that are traced, cut and glued in place, this Christmas craft is easy to do with pleasing results.
Reindeer Art

Use Supply List:

• brown construction paper, for the reindeer's face
• yellow or gold construction paper, for the antlers
• white, green or red construction paper, or poster paper, as the base page
• red pom pom or small wad of red tissue paper
• black and white crayons or markers, or google eyes
• school glue or glue sticks

Reindeer Art Instructions:

Distribute the supplies, then follow these easy how-to's:

1. For this Christmas craft . First have the kids trace around their shoe on brown construction paper and cut out the shape.

2. Next, have the kids trace around both their hands, onto yellow or gold construction paper. Cut these shapes out.

3. Glue the shoe shape on another piece of construction or poster paper, for the face of the reindeer. Glue the hands on as antlers.

4. Glue on a red pom pom or a ball of red tissue paper as the reindeer's nose, and either draw on eyes or glue on google eyes.

5. Optional: color in black eyebrows and a nose band.

6. Have the kids write their names on the back of their reindeer art and display on the walls or send home for Mom to display on the fridge.

Do post your comments and shre your ideas . If you have any special query feel free to mail me. Look out for these Special Christmas blogs

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Now All the kids get ready. Decorate your house with these innovative Christmas crafts