Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas Craft:Candy Train

Most of the candy shown will be found in bulk packs. They are smaller than the candy you purchase separately. There are plenty of different types of candy combinations that will work well if you can't find the exact type shown.


1 Pack of Cinnamon Gum
1 Roll of Life Savers
1 Mini Peanut Butter Cup
5 Bite-Size Chocolate Bars
16 Mint Candies
3 Small Kit Kats
2 Candy Kisses
6 Tootsie Rolls
1 Pack of Dentyne Gum
Glue Gun


Fold and glue cellophane paper ends of mints to back of candy.
For Engine: Glue 4 mints to pack of gum for wheels. Glue Life Savers to gum and peanut butter cup to Life Savers. Use 3 bite-size chocolate bars to finish.
For Caboose: Glue 4 mints to Kit Kat bar and 2 mini chocolate bars to Kit Kat. Top with a pack of Dentyne.
For Cars: Glue 4 mints to Kit Kat bar and top with candy of your choice.

Your Candy Train is ready . Its next station maybe your friend's house on this X,mas

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