Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lightbulb Reindear

Here is a reindeer made out of a old buld . Use your own imgination and make a santa or angel .....get ready for the kids art attack . This Christmas


Old light bulb
brown acrylic craft paint or model car paint or spray paint
plastic wiggle eyes, or small amounts of black and white paint
approximately five brown chenille stems
small red pompom
optional: glitter glue
craft glue
rubbing alcohol


1. To make this Christmas craft , first Clean the light bulb carefully but thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and let dry.

2. Paint the light bulb entirely in two or three coats of brown paint, letting the paint dry between layers.

3. Glue on plastic wiggle eyes or paint on eyes.

4. Glue the small red pompom just beneath the center of the eyes.

5. Cut a length of chenille stem and form it into a smiley mouth shape. Glue in place beneath the nose.

6. If desired, add a little glitter glue around the nose to give the effect of a nose that lights up.

7. Wrap as many chenille stems as required to completely cover the metal threads on the light bulb. Secure with glue.

8. Cut two chenille stems in half. Use one half as the stem of an antler. Twist the other half around it, near the top, to form two more antler horns sticking out from the stem. Make another antler in the same way. Apply a little glue to the bottom of each stem, and insert both antlers into the chenille stems at the top of the lightbulb

I hope these bulbs will add new light to your house on this Christmas .These Christmas Crafts will all the way decorate your house.

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sree sarees said...

Hi your blog is awesome.but i have a doubt that where do we get this rubbing alcholol.